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gptscript eval

gptscript eval

gptscript eval [flags]


      --chat                 Enable chat ($GPTSCRIPT_EVAL_CHAT)
-h, --help help for eval
--max-tokens int Maximum number of tokens to output ($GPTSCRIPT_EVAL_MAX_TOKENS)
--model string The model to use ($GPTSCRIPT_EVAL_MODEL)
--temperature string Set the temperature, "creativity" ($GPTSCRIPT_EVAL_TEMPERATURE)
--tools strings Tools available to call ($GPTSCRIPT_EVAL_TOOLS)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --cache-dir string              Directory to store cache (default: $XDG_CACHE_HOME/gptscript) ($GPTSCRIPT_CACHE_DIR)
-C, --chdir string Change current working directory ($GPTSCRIPT_CHDIR)
--color Use color in output (default true) ($GPTSCRIPT_COLOR)
--config string Path to GPTScript config file ($GPTSCRIPT_CONFIG)
--confirm Prompt before running potentially dangerous commands ($GPTSCRIPT_CONFIRM)
--credential-context string Context name in which to store credentials ($GPTSCRIPT_CREDENTIAL_CONTEXT) (default "default")
--credential-override strings Credentials to override (ex: --credential-override ($GPTSCRIPT_CREDENTIAL_OVERRIDE)
--debug Enable debug logging ($GPTSCRIPT_DEBUG)
--debug-messages Enable logging of chat completion calls ($GPTSCRIPT_DEBUG_MESSAGES)
--default-model string Default LLM model to use ($GPTSCRIPT_DEFAULT_MODEL) (default "gpt-4o")
--disable-cache Disable caching of LLM API responses ($GPTSCRIPT_DISABLE_CACHE)
--dump-state string Dump the internal execution state to a file ($GPTSCRIPT_DUMP_STATE)
--events-stream-to string Stream events to this location, could be a file descriptor/handle (e.g. fd://2), filename, or named pipe (e.g. \\.\pipe\my-pipe) ($GPTSCRIPT_EVENTS_STREAM_TO)
-f, --input string Read input from a file ("-" for stdin) ($GPTSCRIPT_INPUT_FILE)
--no-trunc Do not truncate long log messages ($GPTSCRIPT_NO_TRUNC)
--openai-api-key string OpenAI API KEY ($OPENAI_API_KEY)
--openai-base-url string OpenAI base URL ($OPENAI_BASE_URL)
--openai-org-id string OpenAI organization ID ($OPENAI_ORG_ID)
-o, --output string Save output to a file, or - for stdout ($GPTSCRIPT_OUTPUT)
-q, --quiet No output logging (set --quiet=false to force on even when there is no TTY) ($GPTSCRIPT_QUIET)
--workspace string Directory to use for the workspace, if specified it will not be deleted on exit ($GPTSCRIPT_WORKSPACE)