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Supported Models and Platforms


GPTScript can be used against alternative models that expose an OpenAI compatible API or have a provider shim available.

Using a model with an OpenAI compatible API

model: mistral-large-latest from

Say hello world


Mistral's La Plateforme has an OpenAI compatible API, but the model does not behave identically to gpt-4. For that reason, we also have a provider for it that might get better results in some cases.

Using a model that requires a provider

model: claude-3-haiku-20240307 from

Say hello world


For OpenAI compatible providers, GPTScript will look for an API key to be configured with the prefix GPTSCRIPT_PROVIDER_, the base domain converted to environment variable format, and a suffix of _API_KEY. As an example if you are using mistral-large-latest from, the environment variable would be GPTSCRIPT_PROVIDER_API_MISTRAL_AI_API_KEY

Each provider shim has different requirements for authentication. Please check the readme for the provider you are trying to use.

Available Model Providers

The following shims are currently available:

Listing available models

For any provider that supports listing models, you can use this command:

# With a shim
gptscript --list-models

# To OpenAI compatible endpoint
gptscript --list-models


While the shims provide support for using GPTScript with other models, the effectiveness of using a different model will depend on a combination of prompt engineering and the quality of the model. You may need to change wording or add more description if you are not getting the results you want. In some cases, the model might not be capable of intelligently handling the complex function calls.